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We inform You, that from June 18, 2018, our company switches to a new operator telephone communication. In this regard, our common city telephone number from this day will be +7  (495 ) 181-27-94. The extension numbers will not changing. The old number +7  (495 ) 234-27-94 will be disabled in the period 20-30 June without further notice

Our booth at 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
June 11-14, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Geosciences Eurasia Conference and Exhibition
GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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Nonlinear vibroseis

  1. A. P. Zukov, K. I. Loginov, M. B. Shneerson 
    Nonlinear Seismic Technology — Complex of Various Nonlinear Seismic Properties of Medium for Reservoirs Investigation

    // International Conference and exposition EAGE-2009, Amsterdam
  2. Zhukov A. P., Shneerson M. B., Loginov K. I., Shulakova V. E. Harisov R. G., Yakimenko V. A., Husnimardanov N. M. 
    Reservoir localizations with using of registration of seismic emission

    International Conference and exposition EAGE-2007, London
  3. Zhukov A. P., Shneerson M. B., Loginov K. I., Shulakova V. E. 
    Technology of hydrocarbon indication and delineation using non-linear seismic effect

    // International Conference and exposition SEG 2006, New Orlean, USA
  4. A. P. Zhukov, K. I. Loginov, M. B. Shneerson, V. E. Shulakova, R. G. Kharisov, V. A. Ekimenko 
    Nonlinear properties of vibrator-generated wavefields and their application to hydrocarbon detection

    // Tyumen Preview 5

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