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Our booth at the 79th Conference & Exhibition EAGE (photo report)
June 12-15, 2017
Paris, France


Important information!
At this time, all new technology implementation, seismic data processing and interpretation projects are being operated by NPP Spetsgeofizika, founded in 2007. GDS retains its role as a petroleum geology consultancy and purveyor of innovative technologies.

Our booth at the 78th Conference & Exhibition EAGE (photo report)
May 30 — June 2, 2016
Vienna, Austria

78th Conference & Exhibition EAGE

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IST-3MP — static correction interactive technology ® SeisWin — field QC ® GDS-I — vibrator control geophysical digital system ®

New articles

Themes of reports «GDS Ltd» prepared for International Geophysical Conference in
North-Western Institute of Geology, Lanzhou, CNR, July 22-25, 2010

1. «Middle -period static correction techniques using 3D Spatially Fixed Spread method»
Authors: A.A. Zhukov, E.A. Osmolovskaya, A.V. Burlakov. Speaker: E.A. Osmolovskaya.

2. «Criteria and technique of QC quantitative estimations for seismic field data records»
Authors: I.V. Tishchenko, A.I. Tishchenko, A.A. Zhukov Speaker: I.V. Tishchenko

3. «Case studies of multiwave seismic in Russia. Problems and solutions»
Authors: V.M. Kuznetsov, G.A. Shehtman, A.P. Zhukov, I.P. Korotkov Speaker: V.M. Kuznetsov

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