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June 11-14, 2018
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IST-3MP — static correction interactive technology ® SeisWin — field QC ® GDS-I — vibrator control geophysical digital system ®

IST-3MP ® 2.2 new release

Dear IST-3MP ® users!

Geophysical Data Systems Company is pleased to announce the release 2.2 its IST-3MP ® system. Here are new and improved features of the IST-3MP ® 2.2 release.

General improvements and new modules

  • The system now uses new database system. This can lead to a prolonged system startup time on the first run while existing database is automatically converted to new format. New database is now located inside directory tree with geophysical data.
  • New option to import SPS files with geometry information was added (Import SPS menu item). This lets user build patterns in Map application without seismic data (traces ).
  • The system now has Extension Deconvolution procedure. The module is used for inverse filtering of vibration and impulse seismic data with the help of oscillation spectrum extension according to the maximum entropy method.
  • New option to import muting information has been added. Muting can now be applied in the new Apply Muting procedure. The procedure is added to Editing group in Main Window.
  • New F-K Filter module has been added to the system.
  • Amplitude Correction now has Spike Edit function which cuts off sharp bounces of amplitude.
  • Trim Statics algorithm has been improved.
  • New 2D Spatial Filtering procedure was added. It is used for two-dimensional filtering of various types using sliding window. This includes Median and Alpha-trimmed filter.
  • New LMO (Linear Moveout) module has been added to the system.
  • New ability to import text column based velocity files was added. Also now user can select seismic dataset to coordinate information while importing velocity.
  • New abilities to postpone launch of flows and use priority queue when running flows were added to the system. Flow editor Run button now has new Add To Queue and Run At Time popup buttons. To change the priority of flows Move Up Queue ( «U » hot key) and Move Down Queue ( «D » hot key) buttons were also added.
  • Now wizard based interface is used when importing horizons, statics, grids, block shifts. Now user can import several files and directories simultaneously.
  • All Status Bar configuration dialogs now support Drag and Drop to move to the list of selected words (right list), remove and change the order of key words.
  • New Release Notes viewer is added to the Help menu of main window.
  • The following new items were added to MB3 menu in object tree: View Statics, View Grid, View Muting and View Horizon. These options are used to view data in a table.
  • Statics Manipulation program now lets temporarily hide and show graphs. Check box close to name of object in Loaded Objects tree is used for this purpose.
  • Math Formula Editor inside Statics Manipulation is updated. Names of graphs can now by added by double click. Numbers and math operations can now by added by using push buttons.
  • Survey type (2D /3D) determination logic was improved in velocity import module.
  • New date and time column was added to objects tree.
  • Trace Length Reducing procedure was improved and renamed to Trace Length. It enables now to increase seismic trace length.
  • Database blocking of objects was improved when the same object is open in several programs. Warning massages are now displayed when trying to delete or rename objects opened in other program.
  • New text based mode was added when using object History. When user selects «Switch to text mode» it is possible to copy history text to clipboard or text editor.
  • Spreadsheet program now has Undo and Redo buttons.
  • Ability to export and import velocity information in HANDVEL (Focus system) format has been added.
  • Ability to export patterns using text format has been added. SOURCE and RECNO header words information is written to separate text files to facilitate pattern identification and binding.


  • Automatic pattern creation functionality was significantly improved. These options are now available by clicking Pattern Grid button. New buttons for editing, move, rotation of grid lines, points and base polygon are available. When user selects Edit Points and Lines option using MB3 button menu or by using double click new windows for numeric input of points locations and line angles are available. New Add Patterns buton was also added.
  • New option Create Bounding Area was added to automatic pattern creation. It is available when Pattern Grid button is selected.
  • New ability to use arrow keys when browsing horizontal slices was added.
  • Source and receiver binning grids are now saved in separate database objects.
  • Autobind Unconnected option was changed. New closest available source is now bound to the empty bin.

Trace Display

  • Now Trace Display supports large files and was adapted to visualize prestack data. Now program uses special to keep seismic traces in memory. The data are loaded when user scrolls or zooms out. To adjust cache parameters use Settings->Trace Cache Parameters.
  • New abilities to open, view, edit and save muting was added to the program. Muting mode can be activated by Alt+M hot key.
  • It is now possible to change location of statics graph in the window by using absolute time value. The new options are added to Properties inside Objects window.
  • New option to perform Undo/Redo by using one button (Reverse Undo) was added.
  • The user can now switch between top/bottom seismic views in Trace Header visualization mode by using arrow keys.
  • New hot keys for picking modes were added: Ctrl+M — Manual Mode, Ctrl+A — Semi Auto Mode, Ctrl+G — Guide Mode.
  • New option Synchronize Picking With Block Shifts was added. It lets move picking simultaneously with block shifts.
  • New button Show Picking Projection was added to picking mode. It enables to view picking graph from previous seismic line.
  • New option to smooth redraw operation when performing Zoom was added. It is available from View->Gradual Zoom menu.


  • IVVA now supports LMO (Linear Movout).

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